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Best of 2010 : December’s Series of Unfortunate Events


TORED : Tired and Bored

Another treasured memory for me in 2010 was the series of unfortunate events that happened to me in the remaining days of 2010. Yes. December was a bit cruel for me. Cruel with a twist. I like twists. I like the surprise and uncertainties of it.

I went to Manila to do some business thingy but I don’t want to talk about it since it didn’t really go well on my part. Goodluck to them anyways. No hard feelings.

I went to Manila via AirPhilExpress and unfortunate event no. 1, we got stucked midair for almost 1 hour. NAIA 3 is congestive and we can’t land. So we just keep on circling and hey.. I even lectured a kid beside me about the different types of clouds. Or it was the other way around. I told the kid that cloud is called “Strauss” and he replied.. “Stratus”.. whoa! Strauss.. what am I thinking?

Next unfortunate event is I actually don’t have a ticket back to Catarman. I supposed to have a Dec. 23 ticket back to Catarman from Cebu Pacific but they didn’t confirm to me that it was actually an expired booking and I can’t use it anymore. They keep me waited and waited and I found out about it days before my flight back home. I decided to opt for a bus ride but my siblings does not like the idea of riding bus back to Catarman so they purchased me a plane ticket which I will be paying them in installment.  And that leads to Series of Unfortunate Event no. 3.


Kebler the blogger( trying to find his ticket.

The 3rd Unfortunate event is the Cancellation of our flight. (im sounding religious now). And it aint funny for its Christmas season. We are originally scheduled for a  Dec. 23 flight but due to technical problems we got moved to Dec. 24 which happens to be my sister’s birthday. We were sent to Century Park Hotel. We feast on great foods but was not really enjoying the night. The place is a bit creepy. Next day was horrible..


having fun at Century Park Hotel.

My sister celebrating her birthday at the hotel.

The 4th Unfortunate Event is the Cancellation of our Flight AGAIN! Yes. Our Dec. 24 flight got cancelled and was moved to Dec. 25. Yeah. It’s insane. That is the reason why all of us are traveling back home to spend Christmas with our loved ones.  The craziest part of it is when AirPhil Express keeps on giving us excuses and made us waited in the airport. They are indecisive and do not have a concrete explanation. We were placed in Trader’s Hotel but our first request was Marriot but according to them it’s fully booked. We have no choice but to enjoy the night… And we did… I did… I eat a lot!

The next day was the ultimate unfortunate event but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.



Best of 2010 : Antonov Gang


From Right to Left: Emman (Me), Luisa, Rhea, TInay, Florian, Elet and Atoy.

2010 will be a treasured year for me for I met new friends that are wacky, real and just different from me yet very similar at the same time. Its hard to explain. How we even became close in a short time. We call ourselves the “Antonov Gang” based on our favorite tequila Antonov (yeah.. the tie that bonds us is an alcoholic drink that is not even expensive LOL) but for the record I AM NOT ALCOHOLIC. I just drink occasionally. Yeah. Im getting defensive. Now back to Antonov.. How did we gel?


Its not an easy hike. But it was an accomplishment for all of us.

Ok. It all started when a fairy named Luisa messaged me in Facebook and asked me to join them for an adventure in a faraway land. Nah wait.. I was actually invited by Luisa, Antonov’s Queen Bee to join them attend a fiesta in her parent’s hometown but with a twist… we went HIKING.. yeah HIKING to find a really beautiful and glorious waterfalls. The hike was not easy. The land is slippery, treacherous terrains and we are bunch of amateur hikers plus I AM WEARING MY OFFICE OUTFIT!


Poor shoes.. yeah.. my new shoes.. 😦

Anyways, it was a good thing that I didnt backed out. I made it without falling down and breaking a bone (last time I went hiking I broke my arm…). It was fun, tiring and automatically bonded as a troop. A gang. A groupie (wholesome groupie) 🙂


The Antonov adventure didn’t end with the memorable hike. It was followed by beach trips, night outs, mini parties, dinners, slumber party and.. jogging.. yeah we even did jogging.


gee, kent, florian and luisa goofing it out!


Antonov boys with twin towers!

Antonov, here’s a toast for a better 2011. We all have career issues, lovelife problems or whatever.. but lets drink to that.. cheers! Happy 2011 to yah all! (pls.. no more antonov tequilla)

during Luisa's despedida

Best Lechon Kawali I Ever Tasted

The Lechon Kawali of Latitude, Trader’s Hotel is just the best Lechon Kawali I ever tasted! Its super crispy in the outside and really tender in the inside. Its also a layer of crispy skin, fat and sumptuous lean and it melts in your mouth. i was so amazed how good it is. I was in AWE! Seriously, I forgot the other food nearby. There’s a lechon de leche but the Lechon Kawali is just so good.

I was in Trader’s Hotel and spent Noche Buena there due to the cancellation of our flight. It was hellish. Airphil Express giving us false excuses to why our flight got canceled twice and made us waited there like wet dogs. Seriously, it was inhuman considering it was a day before Christmas and it was my sister’s birthday.

Trader’s Hotel was a great hotel. We had lunch, dinner and a packed breakfast. Both lunch and dinner were impressive. Great Asian cuisines and mouth watering desserts. And the soups, heavenly! The Molo Soup is also the best Molo Soup I have tasted. The tomato bisque soup is a bit creamy for me and I felt like they cheated by putting loads of cream and cheese in it. It’s more on sour than tomatoish sweetness.

Next time, If your flight got canceled by Airphil Express, request for Trader’s Hotel and not in Century Park. Century Park hotel is always their first option.

Photo taken Using Blackberry Curve (12 / 24 / 2010) P.S. My phone doesn’t have a flash so bear with me

Facebook No More!

I just closed my Facebook account. I don’t know if I will survive. Its been 5 hours since I deactivated it. So far so good. My fingers are itchy but I’m keeping it busy by updating my clients blogs. I told everyone that I am quitting FB and my friends were not supportive. The reason why I am quitting FB is because I am tired of it. People are also defining me based on my FB activities and it’s lame. I am supposed to quit simultaneously with my gypsy superfriend maphene  ( but I decided to quit earlier. I think I am happy with my decision.

I got some friends who are pissed. I just realized it now. THE PHOTO ALBUMS. They just messaged me in YM that they don’t have copies of the pictures that I have in FB.


Image from

New Addiction: Being Human

I know. There is too much Vampire flick in our TV screen and it’s getting tiring. Yes. I agree but Being Human is surprisingly fresh and likable. Sometimes the roughness of True Blood is starting to be gory for me and the sex scenes are not sexy anymore and Vampire Diaries is just way too sweet and predictable for me. The Gates is also just so-so, nothing impressive in the storyline. Being Human, a British TV show is the palatable solution to the aging vampire/werewolf TV shows.. plus it came with a free spirited GHOST.

Being Human features a geeky werewolf George (Russell Tovey), a ladies man / lady killer Vampire Mitchell (Aidan Turner) and a broken hearted ghost Annie (Lenora Crichlow) living together in a flat and trying to survive the normalities of daily life as a normal human being.

The only thing that bothers me with this show is that it is being classified as comedy, although comical, I still put this show under the drama category. For me, this show is a drama with a twist. It’s writing and lines are witty and funny but the acting and the emotions of the characters is sincere and not flat.

I like the storyline. 3 friends keeping their friendship stronger despite their differences and keeping their monstrousness together even though they are monsters. Being Human shows that the friendship’s bond is thick and maybe even thicker than our personal needs.

I like the last line of the pilot episode where George suggested that they should all go out and  go to the pub to forget the horrible night that they have and Annie suggested that they should just stay in the flat for there are many monsters outside.

There are indeed many monsters outside…

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Figaro’s Breakfast Meal at Ali Mall

Look Ma’ No Tomato / Cucumber Salad?

I love Figaro! I love their coffee, cupcakes and their combination of meals. Its gourmet for less! But I was disappointed with the breakfast meal that was served to me at Figaro Alimall. The Corned Beef Breakfast meal does not have the Tomato / Cucumber salad. I asked the waiter / Barista (There’s just one staff) where is my Tomato / Salad and he just said “ay wala po kami nun..”.

Anyways, maybe they run out of stock and the guy looked tired so I did not bother arguing. The corned beef taste yummy until I noticed that the egg was scrambled. I thought it was always Sunny Side Up so I didn’t bother specifying it. Well, its no big deal. It’s alright. I still suggest you try FIGARO’s breakfast meal but maybe try it in gateway branch. It’s Php 175 so make sure you ask for the cucumber / tomato salad first before ordering and if its not available, go to Jollibee and go for their corned beef breakfast meal instead.

Picture Taken using my BB Curve. (12 / 22/ 2010)